Speech by Chairman

In 2018, Choseal will respond positively to the national development strategy and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China seize the opportunity of artificial intelligence, promote the technical transformation of Industry 4.0, actively participate in intelligent manufacturing industry, achieve common development with the China Security System Integration Industry Science and Technology Innovation Alliance. Choseal will increase the investment for technological innovation, speed up the R&D of new products and new processes, deeply participate in the cooperation, standard formulation and integration and upgrading of the industry, and make more contributions to the security system integration of China.
The plum blossom shines the light of spring, the golden dog comes for reporting the good news; the cheers bid farewell to the old year, the laughter greets the New Year!
As the Spring Festival approaching, please allow me, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Choseal, to extend our sincere thanks to the partners, clients and friends who have supported Choseal! Extend the greetings to all staffs!

Board Chairman

Group Introduction

Guangdong Qianhai Choseal Assets Management Group is specialized in industry, finance and Internet+ with the combination of R&D, production and sale, and is mainly producing "Choseal" brand AV cable, engineering cable, power adapter, IT digital peripheral products and intelligent connection products. In addition, Choseal is providing integrated solution for project as well as supplying upstream and downstream raw materials. Choseal keeps leading in the industry, , AV cable ranks leading at home. Choseal holds 5 subsidiaries, including Shenzhen Choseal Industry Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Choseal SCM Management Co., Ltd., Huizhou Choseal Industry Co., Ltd. and so on.
Choseal was established in 1989 in Shantou withand the headquarter was relocated to Shenzhen in 1997, with a history of 29 years.
During 2006-2008, Choseal was entitled as "High-Tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark", “Top 50 Enterprises in Security Industry in China" and "China Famous Brand" and obtained various standard certifications, sponsored the CCTV “Olympic Auditorium". Awarded "Guangdong Enterprise which Honors Contract and Keeps Promise" and "Recommended Products of Outstanding Security Enterprise for the Construction of Safety City".
In 2014, Choseal awarded the "China Famous Trademark".
During 2015-2017, Choseal awarded "High-Tech Enterprise" and "Top 500 Enterprises in Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong".
In August 2017, Choseal established the E-commerce mall (WWW.91QYY.COM) ,which is an intelligent cross-border E-commerce platform to develop the intelligent life hrough online integration of domestic and overseas brands, design experts, supply chain and financial products, and is providing one-stop services such as digital transmissions, IT digital links, intelligent security and intelligent traffic with the combination of consultation, design, product supply and online experience as well as the cross-border import and export business, thus promoting Choseal to a new stage.
With quality products and services, insisting on the idea of "shaping the centennial brand", Choseal has achieved great progress. In the future, Choseal will make all efforts for advancing towards intelligence, and show the achievements of Choseal to the world.


Nearly 60 years of history and over 10 years of innovation Choseal Industry was established by Mr. Sun Yikai in 1989 in Shantou, and was specialized in high-end Hi-Fi speaker cables and high quality AV cables.
  • 2017
    Glirous dream, magnificent achievements in the journey, brilliance for the great business --- Warm Congratulation to the Opening of Shenzhen Qianhai Zhongrong International Investment Holdings Group & Guangdong Qianhai Choseal Group Headquarters Relocation Ceremony!
  • 2016
    In 2016, Choseal established strategic cooperation with Beijing Zanbo Marketing Management and Consultant Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Advertising Group Co.,Ltd. to achieve the upgrade of brand value and marketing strength.
  • 2014
    In 2014, "Choseal" was entitled as "China Famous Trademark" and became the first enterprise which won this honor in the security cable industry. Choseal Group established "strategic cooperation" with Market Economy Academy, Peking University.
  • 2013
    In 2013, Choseal became the listing brand in "Exchange Space" of CCTV-2; established strategic partnership with JD, and launched the online sales mode. Guangdong Qianhai Choseal Group was formally established.
  • 2012
    In 2012, Choseal launched in the financial field, involved in petty loan business, and established the Choseal Private Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.
  • 2011
    In 2011, Choseal involved in the real estate field, purchased several plots in Shenzhen and Huizhou, and promoted the premises and industrial parks.
  • 2010
    In 2010, Choseal was entitled as "Guangdong Enterprise which Honors Contract and Keeps Promise".
  • 2008 2010
    In 2008-2010, Choseal" products were entitled as "Recommended Products of Outstanding Security Enterprise for the Construction of Safety City" for two times.
  • 2008
    In 2008, Choseal was comprehensively transferred to Huizhou, the modern workshop with area exceeding 50,000 square meters was formally put into production, the Copper Department and PVC Department were established, Choseal achieved the self-sufficiency of raw materials was realized, and formed the group with large scale.
  • 2007
    In 2007, "Choseal" brand was entitled as "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark" due to its good social awareness and reputation.
  • 2006
    In 2006, the "Olympic Auditorium" sponsored by Choseal was officially launched in the Great Hall of People, and Choseal became the model of private high-tech enterprise that was enthusiastic to the public welfare; in the same year, Choseal was awarded.
  • 2005
    In 2005, Choseal signed contract with "Olympic Auditorium", and held the dealers meeting in the Great Hall of People.
  • 2003 1997
    In 1997-2003, Choseal adopted the new brand development strategy and expanded the business to R&D, production, sales and service of intelligent engineering cables and power adapters.
  • 1997
    In 1997, Choseal relocated to Shenzhen, and developed the OEM business and supermarket and store business.
  • 1989
    Choseal Industry was established by Mr. Sun Yikai in 1989 in Shantou, and was specialized in high-end Hi-Fi speaker cables and high quality AV cables.

Development Strategy


With the inheritance of nearly 30 years of history and continuous innovation and improvement, currently, Choseal brand has become one of the brands with highest power in China's cable industry.


The parent company --- Choseal Group, with the registered capital of RMB100 million yuan, possesses five subsidiaries. Choseal has formed the pattern with capital as link, collectivize operation, unified planning and coincident interest and development.


Guangdong Qianhai Choseal Group is a national level high-tech enterprise to build the cable ecological chain, and is committed to the R&D, production and sales of IT digital and intelligent transmission products, and Choseal is the China Famous Trademark with the turnover exceeding RMB5 billion yuan.


With the continuous improvement of strength, Choseal has strengthened the international pace to improve the competitiveness through docking with the international dominant resources. Choseal has established business cooperation with countries such as India, USA, Germany, Switzerland and Brazil.

Qualification and Honor

China Famous Brand

The Famous Brand of Guangdong Province

The Famous Brand of China?Security?

On the CCTV List

Senior Sponsor of Olympic

Top 10 Emerging Brand of China?Security

Excellent Security Product of Safe City Construction

Top 50 of China`s Security Industries

Integrity Alliance Enterprise of China Security

Enterprise with Reliable Quality of Products in China

Guangdong Enterprise Honoring Contract

Shenzhen High-Tech Project

Silver Tripod Medal on Public Safety

Brand Vision

The leader of intelligent life

Choseal Positioning

Create a better life with technology and services.

Choseal Mission

Building the centennial brand, committed to becoming the internationally leading intelligent life brand with connection as the core

Choseal Vision

Culture of Enterprise

Culture of sincerity

Honesty is the core characteristic of Choseal culture. Choseal is the first enterprise which promotes the "Compensation System for Insincerity" n Guangdong, and has constructed the sincerity system, formulated the regulations, signed the sincerity agreement with staffs, established the sincerity rules and occupational credit files, and opened the sincerity exposure column. In addition, Choseal is building the sincerity ecological circle to promote sincerity environment of the society.

Culture of clean and honest administration

It is the work style of Choseal to be honest, righteous and frank. Choseal gives full play to the restricting nature of system, the edification of culture, the binding power of education and the deterrence of supervision, which has constructed the "protective umbrella" for the enterprise development, creates the clean and righteous work style in the enterprise.

Culture of happiness

The internal power for the sustainable development of Choseal is built on the foundation stone of people-oriented culture of happiness. Since the establishment, Choseal has focused on the development of every employee, and expected to obtain the employees' respect through practical care action.

Group Strength


More than 5 subsidiaries

Multiple domestic directly companies


More than 500 domestic dealers

More than 30direct domestic subsidiaries


More than 80,000 square meters office R&D Base

All over China such as Shenzhen, Huizhou and Beijing


More than 1,500 employees

More than 600 senior R&D and management employees


More than 800 sets of instruments

Several imported, high-end and most advanced instruments

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