Philosophy on Talents

People-oriented, benefiting others and the enterprise

Talent Strategy

Innovation is the source of development, and the talent is the source of innovation. Choseal promotes the talent view of "people-oriented, moral first, not sticking to one pattern, using talents according to their competence", respects the interest demand of employees, motivates their innovation passion, and realizes common development with employees.

Talents Cultivation

In combination with the development strategy, Choseal provides planned training for employees to improve their basic quality and skill.

Business Training

According to the development strategy, Choseal organizes team study.

Practice at Different Posts

Organize different levels of personnel for post training and various exchanges, and encourage employee to participate in on-the-job training and study.

Special Research

Improve the working skills and efficiency and enhance quality of employees through creating the learning environment and comprehensive training.

Training for Middle-Aged and Young Cadres

Help employees create learning opportunities in their work, promote talent growth and realize the value through continuous creation and transfer of value.

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