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HDMI cable can be seen everywhere in our life, but due to the limitations of the use scenario, many people do not know HDMI cable. In short, HDMI cable can transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data with high quality. It is often used in set-top box, DVD player, personal computer, TV, projector and other devices. In the process of using HDMI cable, we often encounter some problems, resulting in the inability to display the picture or sound normally. Let's summarize the solutions:


No response after connection?

Please check whether the TV signal input channel is adjusted to "HDMI input", and switch the TV input setting first. Path: menu-input-signal source-interface, selected according to the HDMI cable and the TV connector (1-5 different brands may exist).

? Generally, the computer defaults to display independent output, so when switching video, it should be set on the computer, and adjust the computer resolution to the initial required resolution and refresh rate of the TV. Path: right click on the desktop - properties - settings - extended mode. Generally, the resolution of the computer is 1024 * 768, the refresh rate is 60HZ, and the TV resolution is adjusted after connecting.

If it is a laptop computer, it is necessary to switch the output screen. The shortcut keys of different models are different. The second display signal will be output to the TV only when the keyboard combination is used to switch on and off the output of the second display. Some computers need to be shut down and connected or restarted after being connected.


Is there color bias or snowflake on the TV?

This situation may be caused by poor contact of HDMI connector of TV and computer, or it may be caused by exposure to moisture after long-term use of the connector, or loose contact caused by frequent plug plugging. It is recommended to replace other connectors for testing.


”What are replication mode and expansion mode?

There are two types of connection between computer and TV: "copy mode" and "extended mode".

In the "copy mode", the computer displays the same content as the TV. The TV displays what the computer displays;

? In "expansion mode", the TV as an expansion display will not display the status bar, shortcut button, and only one desktop wallpaper. At this time, the computer can also perform other operations. The picture on the TV and the picture on the display are completely independent and not interfere with each other.


Only images and no sound on TV?

HDMI cable can transmit video and audio at the same time. There is an audio signal converter in the HDMI transmission chip of the computer. After the driver of the device is properly installed, the audio signal can be normally transmitted through the HDMI interface and HDMI cable. Therefore, we should first determine whether the driver is correct.

After confirming that there is no error, we can select the built-in sound card of HDMI graphics card as the default in the computer control panel - sound and audio settings - sound playback. The following figure shows the device of Realtek Digital Output, which is the audio output of HDMI. Right click and select Set as Default Device.


Can't the TV display full screen with borders?

This situation is caused by the difference between the resolution and refresh rate supported by the computer and the TV. If full screen is required, you can first adjust the display output resolution of the computer to match the display resolution of the TV, then right-click the computer desktop and select [Screen resolution] - [Adjustable resolution] - [Advanced] - [Monitor]

Finally, click "screen refresh rate" to select the appropriate refresh rate. Select the "Image Reset" function in the menu option of the TV. If it is not available, adjust the zoom function of the video card in the control panel of the video card.


Is the embedded direction of HDMI cable reversed?

Some HDMI lines are directional. If it is not embedded, just pull out the adjustment direction directly. But if it is embedded, we need to confirm whether the wire is optical fiber core or with signal amplifier. There is a big difference between the two.


If the HDMI cable of the optical fiber core is embedded reversely, the only way is to pull it out and bury it again. However, if the HDMI line with signal amplifier is embedded reversely, there is still a chance to remedy it. Find the position of the signal amplifier, cut the signal amplifier, change the direction and re-weld it. Or unscrew the screw on the signal amplifier, change the direction and tighten it again, but the wire resolution may be reduced after changing the direction. Be careful not to damage the chip during operation, otherwise the wire may be unusable.


HDMI cable plays a very important role in the connection of computers, televisions and projectors. Therefore, it is necessary to buy high-quality HDMI cable. Low-price non-standard cable will not only bring inconvenience to use, but also cause damage to the connected electronic equipment. Choseal HDMI HD line adopts high-purity refined copper, multiple shielding, signal stability, strong anti-interference, true restoration of HD visual effect, transmission of wonderful pictures, and sharing of happy times.


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