Build bridge ties together to create a better future! Warmly welcome the transmission of China's pub

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      In the afternoon of July 5th, the executive chairman and Secretary General of the China public safety intelligent transmission Industry Federation, the former director of the security and authentication and testing center of the Ministry of public security, Mr. Li Jianping, a senior expert in the field of security and alarm, and a member of the members of the alliance of the Zhi biography were on the spot inspection of the autumn leaf group; the visit was the alliance of Zhi Chuan. The major activities of the year are aimed at guiding the renewal of the concept of alliance development through exchanges and seminars, promoting technical and business cooperation among allies, and promoting the alliance to enter a new stage of development.

Chairman Sun gave a warm welcome to the visitors.

         Mr. Sun Yikai, chairman of Guangdong Qianhai akiara group and chairman of Shenzhen akiara Industrial Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed Mr. Li and warmly welcomed the arrival of the allies and partners, and gave a brief introduction to the recent development and strategic planning of akiara group. Increased understanding of Akihabara group by Alliance units and partners. At the same time, Mr. Ding Shantou, general manager of Asia-Pacific investment holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Sun Lijing, general manager of Engineering Department of akiyiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd., and Peng Quanzong, general manager of market department, participated in the conference all the time. The two sides made an in-depth discussion on the current situation of intelligent security industry and the direction of failure to develop.

Mr. Li Jianping, Executive Chairman of China Public Safety Intelligence Transmission Industry Alliance

Suggestions for the development of the enterprise at the meeting site

        Mr. Sun Yikai, chairman of Qianhai akiara group, Guangdong, said at the exchange meeting that it is of great significance for the two sides to discuss the current situation of the industry development and the future development trend. In the age of intelligence, the organization and enterprises of the industry alliance should come out from their respective roles and do well in enterprises and industries, enterprises and enterprises. The communication bridge between industry and industry, industry alliance organization for enterprise development suggestions, to create cooperation opportunities for enterprises; enterprises should continue to strengthen scientific and technological input, deepen scientific and technological innovation, enrich product content, and constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Mr. Peng Quanzhong, General Manager of Marketing Department of Shenzhen Qiuyeyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. narrated the development of the enterprise

        At the exchange meeting, the chairman of Chi Chuan Li put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the bridge between the Akihabara group and the wise alliance. He said that the alliance is a platform and a bridge. Congratulations on the good achievements of the company's steady growth and deep ploughing of weak electricity and security industry over the years, and a positive evaluation of the company's achievements in its independent innovation. At present, the era of big data, cloud platform and artificial intelligence has arrived. Security enterprises should have enough sense of crisis. Alliance enterprises must speed up innovation and keep pace with the times.

Some members attending this visit include:

Mr. Sun Yikai, Chairman of Guangdong Qianhai Qiuyeyuan Group, Chairman of Zhongrong International Investment Holding Group and Chairman of Shenzhen Qiuyeyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Mr. Li Jianping, Executive Chairman of China Public Security Intelligence Transmission Industry Alliance;

Mr. Gao Tianda, President of the Chinese Preservation Association of Taiwan, and Chairman of the Royal International Preservation Co., Ltd.

Mr. Liu Yilin, President of Nanchang Security Association;

Mr. Yang Guangui, chairman of Zhongshan Yangge lock company;

Mr. Xie Jianhua, Chairman of Fujian Huanyu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Han Yalin, chairman of Shenzhen Hui Hai vision company;

Mr. Liu Qingxiang, general manager of Shanghai Ji Guang security company;

Mr. Wang Peng, General Manager of Henan Nanyang Min'an Company, etc.

        As a member of the alliance, akiara group will hand in hand to the alliance platform, build bridge ties together, and hope to cooperate with more alliance enterprises and related industries. The group will always actively support the work of the alliance, cherish and trust ally, and seek for deep cooperation. In the past two years, the alliance has actively developed new members, further expanded the influence of the alliance, organized a number of member activities and technical seminars, organized industry selection to highlight positive energy, strengthen horizontal communication, open up application market, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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