Akihabara HD high-speed cable enables you to enjoy the world cup visual feast.

2018-08-09 16:04:14 choseal

The 4 - Year Carnival of passion - the world cup

It's coming soon.

Guys, guys.

Are you ready to stay up late?


Xiaobian or first of all, let's see the preheated knowledge points before the world cup for the pseudo fans.

This world cup,

Don't talk to everyone about supporting Italy or Holland.

Because they are in the world race,

The Swedish team was sent out of the corner.

Not the world cup in June.


For real fans,

It's time to open the correct position of the world cup!!!

First, call and send information.

Buy the best beer,

The best way to roll the string!

Death party, ball friends about ~ ~




It's the way to watch the game.

All of the media are ready for the first-hand broadcast

Asked many small partners to participate in such a big banquet,

Small screens and non-HD can't satisfy the demand of smoothness.

In order to revel with a small partner,

Must not allow any unstable factors affecting HD broadcasting!

High-definition transmission displays such as on-site, high-speed connections without Carton

That's the first choice of choseal!

      Get strong explosive material: the CCTV network for the first time adopted an integrated report, PC network end, CCTV audio and video APP, mobile TV, IPTV, future TV, new media transmission matrix products integrated production, multi terminal distribution. According to the different copyright rights and rights to carry out a terminal release, the collection of previous World Cup massive historical video, access to the World Cup Official up to 11 channels and multi angle incremental signals and virtual reality (VR) video on demand, it is really going to turn over the summer!

SO: has another reason why we need absolutely reliable choseal HD HDMI and high-speed line products.

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